Hebei Yingtong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a big factory that covers an area of forty-five thousand square meters. We are a comprehensive textile manufacturer integrating design, research and development and production of functional garments with an annual output of five hundred and eighty thousand sets of garments. Our factory is located in Wuyi County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. It is two hundred and sixty kilometers away from Beijing in the north, two hundred and forty kilometers away from Tianjin port, one hundred and twenty kilometers away from Shijiazhuang city in the west.

Our Advantage

Professional manufacturer of special fabrics and tooling, with export and domestic perfect cognitive qualifications and systems.

With a complete industrial chain from the source of textile fabrics to garment sewing, it can fully provide professional solutions and cost-saving advantages according to the corporate brand personality planning and actual needs.

With many years of experience in the production of special fabrics and special tooling, a complete production process and production management system, efficient and fast completion of orders.

Yingtong company has a professional technical team, which can fully solve various problems of customers.

Own physical factory, OEM original equipment manufacturer, ODM original design manufacturer, meet your diversified and personalized needs in an all-round way. Can be customized and dyed according to customer samples and requirements.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Management

It simplifies the complex process and improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. It ensures the homogeneity of the products and improves the quality of the products. The production line of the enterprise is smoother, with ensures the rational operation progress of the process. The rational arrangement of the production schedule ensures the production cycle of the enterprise.

Can easily sew patch pockets, handbag appliques, creative pattern pants pockets etc. Fix the seam increase the stability during the sewing process and ensure that the seam is beautiful and smooth. Consistent with all sewn products, effectively guaranteeing the quality of the product.


Cloth Cutting Machine Imported from Italy

Only one fixed point is needed to cut the whole page at one time. Automatic relaminating device, automatic knife grinding interval, control the cutting speed of straight line and arc to ensure the cutting accuracy. It can realize zero distance cutting and maximize the use of fabrics. It is 4-5 times that of ordinary manual cutting machine.

Comprehensive digital equipment replaces manual design and production of samples, so that product quality can be improved in an all-round way. The use of CAD/CAM system is at least several times more efficient than manual operation. Due to the problem of multiple revisions in sample production, using the computer to archive and modify, and then send it to an automated computer proofing machine, can shorten the design time and quickly respond to various changes.

The hanging line can be freely retracted and combined, and can realize the free transmission of processed work pieces, and transfer the cutting pieces and semi-finished products to the position of employees, saving a lot of manpower. Record an collect the production information in the production process by computer, and realize the seamless connection and sharing of data, so as to provide the basis for the improvement of production efficiency.


Yingtong company has two high-precision large-scale tiled multi-head computerized embroidery machines, which can continuously supply the embroidery tasks of various clothes produced by the factory, and can quickly provide embroidery services for customers.

We have own down filling machine, which can undertake the precise processing of down and cotton clothing.

Automatic bag opening machine, fine workmanship, improve efficiency.


Our factory is equipped with professional dust-free clean workshop and anti-static floor. It has good cleaning performance and will not absorb dust. It will meet the requirements of the production environment for the production of medical protective articles and special clothing.


Research and Development

Yingtong Textile has research and development department and quality control department. Our quality control department and research and development can maintain close communication and cooperation with customers to ensure that they can provide customers with the required technical support at the first time and ensure that their products can successfully pass the necessary product quality inspection requirements.

We understand that customers are also facing fierce market competition. Therefore, we must continue to innovate and reform, so as to provide customers with more differentiated and unique products and make customers’ products superior to their peers and different.

We continue to develop and explore new materials and new processes in order to add value to our customers’ products in processes and technology. Our research and development department is at the forefront of science and technology and injects new technology to improve customers’ products quality. We also constantly update the testing equipment and adopts the latest testing technology.